Reasons why you should invest in Real Estate in this COVID-19 pandemic.

1) There\\\'s life after COVID-19 : No pandemic has ever wiped out the whole earth before, not even the Great Flood, this is the time to invest in Real estate and wait, life still goes on after COVID-19. properties will continue to gain value

(2) Panic Buying : Panic has caused lots of people buying so many irrelevant things, invest your bulk money into Real estate to avoid spending everything, that will be very catastrophic after COVID-19. If you don\\\'t take Investment actions, you will see yourself spending millions panic buying. Meanwhile amidst this pandemic, some part of the world have gone back to business, investors and entrepreneurs are up on their game

3) Depreciation Of Naira : Amidst the recent talks about Naira devaluation, stock market crash and imminent recession, this is a timely opportunity to think of the Most secured and profitable Investment that will withstand any economic uncertainties. Most especially for those living in diaspora because of the exchange rate advantage, they have more buying Power...Real Estate has not and can\'t be devalued because of COVID-19 ... it\'s still appreciating and it is a source of great wealth

4) Gain Rental income or passive Rental income: passive income is what I call wake up money, because when I wake up, I get paid without my needing to do anything. But you have to start Acquiring enough Rental properties (assets) now. It  positions you to earn huge rental passive income tomorrow. people will bounce back after this COVID-19, looking for houses and Apartments to rent

5) Real Estate is an economic power: It\'s said and believed that owners of Real estate are world movers, world powers as long as the earth remains they are the forces to reckon with

It\'s A secure and profitable investment : Real estate is like eternal, Real Estate doesn\'t stop, it doesn\'t finish, it\'s predicted in the Real Estate sector that after COVID-19 Real estate will more than double in value.

Let\\\\\\\'s look at some Lessons to learn from post COVID-19 situations

After COVID-19, 

Your bills must still be paid, 

Some may get retrenched or sacked as a result of the Corona pandemic, some businesses may be struck out if not found relevant, because businesses are going online now and this will be catastrophic if there\'s no tangible investment to fall forward on

Cash not Invested will be swept away by inflation 

Real Estate owners can\\\\\\\'t sell their properties below value because COVID-19 pandemic, but other material things have been sold far below the cost, cars, electronics, shares, coins, bonds etc

1m and above will still be spent panic buying
This time of COVID-19 is a time to use wisdom and spend wisely.

Stay safe, stay healthy, stay wise