Do you know...

Do you know that a 300m² of Land ( half plot) is enough to build you a standard 4 bedroom duplex, with enough parking space???   Waoooooooh!!! ever thought of that??? That\'s why we are readily available to give you every information you need and provide you with our expertise in building. So while buying a space at WoodMere and you can\'t afford a 600m²; of land, go for a half plot, and there you go

Our synergy of building engineers, Architects, electrical engineers etc are on ground to give you the best house plans and to maximize your space so very well and supervise your building at a very affordable fee. 

Have you ever wondered why buildings, tilt or bend, or sink?? , the owners make use of charlatans which are not acceptable at all in our WoodMere. It\'s Pennywise pound foolish to buy a space and waste money to bring in charlatans to build after which the building starts giving away and that calls for more money to break down or to maintain it. It\'s a No-No at WoodMere, 

Because we\'re building an estate for the elites, every good measure has been put in place to give a solid output. However, dear clients, one is free to bring in his or her Engineer but our Engineers will have to supervise and approve your Engineer\' s work.

WoodMere is home, a home is where the heart is,

Experience peace, warmth, and luxury